Liv’in creates exclusive ideas for interiors, and develops strategies for real estate investments, residential buildings, and large-scale developments. We combine innovation, planning, and design to devise more inviting, engaging, and attractive spaces.

Each of our projects, no matter their dimension, is carried out with great care and a special flair.

The Process
Top view of architect & interior designer working at worktable with tablet, home model, sketch & blue print/ Real estate business & home renovation conceptual

1. Concept

The process begins with a reading of context and understanding of the clients' expectations and ideas, merging them with our expertise. Thereafter, a metric and photographic survey is made. We are obsessed with detail, because that's what makes a difference in the outcome.

Once the project is outlined, a general schedule is prepared by us, for supervision and control of its future execution.

2. Planning and Control

An in-depth schedule is provided, specifying the timing for execution of the project's different phases. Regularly, we'll produce reports about the execution of works, in order to commit ourselves to the fulfillment of the agreed deadlines.

Creative office employees working on some architectural project, holding plans and interior renderings, close-up on the blueprints

3. Material Sourcing

We supervise the material orders with our partners, to ensure that delivery times are respected. We have qualified and responsive partners, capable of guaranteeing the regular and smooth running of the works. 

The combination of wood panels of laminate and ceramic tiles in the form of honeycomb. Kitchen renovation.

4. Fitting

We oversee all construction and remodelling works, in their different specialities, including carpentry. We guarantee an effective monitoring of all tasks, compliance with deadlines for execution and quality control of the used materials.

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Our specialities
Classic gray interior with armchairs, sofa, coffee table, lamps, flowers and wall moldings. 3d render illustration mockup.
Interior Architecture
Blending technical skills with a sensibility for excellent design, our team is able to reimagine interior spaces, conceiving from minor layout changes  to profound overhauls, always with functionality and comfort as a goal.
Project Management
As project managers, we are responsible for planning, coordinating, and guiding the project to its completion. Based on our experience, we can envision all the project phases from start to finish, and make sure everything is delivered on time and according to the defined budget.
Office Design
Office Design
We offer intelligent and dynamic design solutions to establish a harmonious relationship between people and their work environment, creating agile workplaces that foster creativity, collaboration and, therefore, greater productivity.
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